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Kodaline - All I Want

'Cause if I could see your face once more

I could die a happy man I’m sure
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Simple As This - Jake Bugg

From TFiOS Soundtrack

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Long Way Down - Tom Odell

From TFiOS Soundtrack

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Boom Clap (Soundtrack Version) - Charli XCX


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Wait - M83

From TFiOS Soundtrack

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Without Words - Ray Lamontagne

From TFiOS Soundtrack

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Birdy - Not About Angels (The Fault in Our Stars OST)

You can download the song here:

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Instrumental Version of Run Boy Run by Woodkid from the train scene in Divergent (sadly not on the soundtrack)

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Lana Del Rey - 5 Lolitas (What happens when you layer all four demos and the album version)

This is so sick.

This sounds like it should be a Bond song.